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New Photos and Hunters in Camp

Posted by WCWOhio on 09-20-2012 10:48:42

Check out our new photos and whats going on around the ranch!

I would like to say Congratulations to the hunters from the beginning of the week! Monday I spent a lot of time at the ranch with the hunters. They were all having a great time, Jay and his son were challenging each other in a game of pool in the pool room ( I think Jay lost)!!! Bill was enjoying brunch when I arrived, and Dexter and his buddy were sitting around the camp fire that was burning down from the night before. Dan and a few guys were out hunting. It was a great hunt! I hope you enjoy these photo's!!!

Bucks taken this week smile.gif

Camp is BOOMING!!!!!
  I would like to welcome all the end of week hunters! Good luck to Frank, Jeff, Mike, Thomas and his buddy, and Lynn and her group!!!
Photo's of these hunts will be posted soon!

The scenery in Millersburg Ohio this time of year is something to see. The leaves are changing, and fall has arrived! Check out what Amish Country Ohio has to offer

Amish Country Ohio
A sight to see smile.gif


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