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Jeff is back on the hunt and here comes his sons!

Posted by WCWOhio on 10-04-2013 10:29:02

Jeff is back on the hunt and his three sons will soon be joining him for their own amazing hunting adventure here at World Class Whitetails of Ohio.

Jeff takes more whitetails.

Wow these bucks are amazing!

Just look at the size of them! Can you imagine having a trophy like that hanging on your wall?

Nice job Jeff! Way to take them down.

Another one bites the dust! Jeff is on a roll!

Way to take that 400 yard shot Jeff! Very nice buck indeed.

Tomorrow Jeff will be back on the hunt again, but this time with his three sons. Check back with us to see how they are doing and wish us luck!


Today we are looking to take another 400 yard shot at some more big whitetails with Jeff. This could be difficult with the wind starting to pick up.


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