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Ken, Nate, Carl, Mason, Cody and Jack take BIG Whitetails!

Posted by WCWOhio on 10-10-2013 11:56:50

This group of amazing hunters showed off their skills by taking some monster bucks!

Ken was on the hunt and he had his eyes set on some dream trophies. Long days of hunting sure did pay off as he brought in some huge bucks!

This one should make a record number 1 or 2 in the world SCI with a crossbow.

Words from Ken:

"All of my 65 years I have never dreamed I would take a big whitetail of this caliper. All at World Class Whitetails of Ohio! I would never believed it!"

Ken has been hunting for big typicals. He says this is the biggest after hunting 5 ranches.

Nate from california takes a big whitetail!

Words from Nate:

"I have hunted Alberta Canada and all over the world and never seen whitetails of this caliber! I've been dreaming about coming to World Class Whitetails of Ohio for four years and my dream finally came true."

Up next we have Mason, a 9 year old who took his first deer and WOW what a great shot it was.

Carl bow hunted for 3 days but the hard work paid off at the end of the third day. Carl takes a 30 yard fast walk shot and makes the best kill shot we have seen!

Double drop tine buck gets is taken by Mason's dad while Mason takes a doe lastnight (Thursday). WOW, he loves to keep shooting! Watch for us tomorrow as we'll find some more.

Cody takes a big whitetail this morning in the creek bed, 25 points with a bow. We estimate him to be around a 200 class.

Next up we have Jack who took this whitetail from the power ling blind at 100 yards.

Thank you for the great time fellas! It was a pleasure to hunt with each of you.


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