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Robert takes some BIG BIG Whitetails!

Posted by WCWOhio on 11-09-2013 02:32:24

Robert's second trip and he takes some big big whitetails all with rifle! Awesome shots guys, lots of does being chased all over. We took 20 does along with bucks.

Look at those MONSTERS!

One of the amazing bucks seen on the ranch.

Awesome bucks fellas!

Great shots and awesome memories!

The last few weeks have been a challenge trying to get on big bucks. Seems like every other one is chasing does so therefore we are taking several does. We are hoping to take over 20 bucks next week! If you can get away from work a few days we can fit four more guys in Thursday and Friday. We estimate there's over 100 bucks on ranch still, most over 200 class!

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