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    World Class Whitetails of Ohio ONE WEEK SPECIAL!!!

Hunters are getting "The FEVER" and we are too! We have designed some SPECIALS just for you!

Our hunts are 3 days, 2 nights, all homemade meals, steak dinner, comfortable lodging, excellent guide services. No license required, no tags, no trophy fees! You can use your weapon of choice for this hunt, rifle, shot gun, muzzle loader, bow
To get scheduled all that is required is a $500. deposit per hunter. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me back at or give me a call at 330-763-3301  
I am here to make the scheduling process as easy as possible, anything you need help figuring out, just let me know :)


Holmes County Ohio is also known as Amish Country! Annually more than 2 million visitors gather here to shop the small town life stores, eat some Amish home cooking, take a buggy ride, and get fresh produce!!

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      Here is a video to drool over :)
World Class Whitetails Show #1 for The Pursuit Channel
World Class Whitetails Show #1 for The Pursuit Channel

             Be ready for a THRILL!!!!!!

2016-2017 hunting season is here!!

Up to 150 class SOLD OUT!!
Up to 160 class CALL FOR PRICE
Up to 170 class CALL FOR PRICE
Up to 180 class  SOLD OUT!!
Up to 190 class CALL FOR PRICE
190-205 class CALL FOR PRICE
205 class, 220 class, 250 class, 300 class, 400 class, and 500 class CALL FOR PRICES
*Give Nicki a call at 330-763-3301
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I can only do this for a few more days so HURRY!!!! We are slammed with emails and phone calls and hunters are getting that HUNTING FEVER!!!!!!




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