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Chris takes a Special Buck on Friday!

Well, for Chris, it was love at first site! When they walked in to do some scouting on Thursday, after their long drive from Florida, they seen this Nice buck, and he was quite a bit more buck than what Chris’s wife had booked for him, for a Birthday gift. But, though they seen many other deer, he just couldn’t get his mind off that first one. Well, Friday morning dawned, and it was around 60 degrees, so they didn’t have to dress real warm.. Well, they seen lot’s of deer, some bigger, and some smaller, but where is that buck I seen when we were walking in yesterday? Your guess is as good as mine, we had gotten some pics of him all over the ranch. Now this was getting toward noon, and Rich and Chris decided to just ease out of the woods, thinking they may see him before going after some grub. They spooked some deer, and figured, no chance now, but then… There he goes!! He took off, but luckily decided to stop for a look back… That’s where he messed up.. Chris made a perfect shot! Way to go Chris! Congratulations on a Special Buck! We have you on the books for next year for something similar to these bruisers you seen… He said he had one picked out for next year, but I am guessing we will have someone this season yet, that won’t agree with that idea… To your left are a few of those Chris was eyeballing for next season… We will have more for you to choose from come next season!



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180- 205” $7900

Mature Whitetail Buck Hunt $8900 Now on sale for $5900!


Mature Whitetail Buck Hunt $12000


Now 25% Off!
$ Call for Pricing


Mature Whitetail Buck Hunt $15,000


$ Call for Pricing


Mature Whitetail Buck $19,900


It is the intention of World Class Whitetails Ranch to provide the hunter, our guest, a reasonable opportunity to harvest whitetail bucks of the caliber advertised. In the event that opportunity does not present itself, In the event you are not presented with an opportunity to harvest a deer, you don’t owe us another dime. Booking Deposits are non refundable.

Your guide will confer and coordinate with you to determine deer to be harvested prior to taking a shot. You must receive approval from the guide before any shot is taken. Presentation of a whitetail buck in your class, approved by your guide for harvest will fulfill the obligations of World Class Whitetails Ranch – there will be no booking fee refund.

Safety is the utmost important factor for any of our hunts. Alcohol consumption of any kind will end hunting for that day. Be sure to follow our instructions and rules provided by our guides for an unforgettable hunting and harvesting experience to be remembered forever.

There are bucks on the Ranch that are deemed Special, or Breeder Bucks, these bucks are not sold by the rack Score… These prices vary from being lower to higher than the advertised prices.