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First off, I would like to thank Dan Yoder for a great hunt. World Class Whitetails of Ohio definitely lives up to its name. Never in all my hunting trips have I ever seen that many huge whitetail bucks in one place... You might expect to see a few, but we literally saw trophy class bucks on every turn! Beautiful ranch, great lodge and great hospitality.... Thanks again Dan !!!!

Dan we had a great time , You have a great deer population , you can service your client with anything he has his heart set on wether its a typical frame or non-typical frame , we had a great time thanks again!

We flew in from Louisiana drove to  world class WhiteTails of Ohio, very nice and easy drive. Once there we were greeted by Dan and his staff , settled in then Dan took us out to see where we would be hunting , saw plenty deer. Next morning we headed out to the ground blind,  after a few  hrs. Of trying to decide the right deer came by at 30 yds. This was 1 of the best bow hunts I have ever been on. Personally I was very satisfied with the large white tail I killed. Thanks again to Dan and his staff.


Thursday night we arrived from South Carolina into Ohio with high hopes of shooting a 200 class buck. Unfortunately, we brought the rain and lightning we had been having in South Carolina to Ohio. When we got to the cabin at base camp, we were warmly greeted by Dan and his staff.

whitetail deer hunt

They brought us inside and made certain we felt like it was our home to have so we made ourselves comfortable. My brother in law and I took a tour of the lodge, looking at all of the pictures and various mounts that hung on the wall. Dan got us fed and settled in for the night, as the rain continued hard. The next day, the rain had not stopped and there was a front over us dropping a steady rain shower as we ate Ray's well prepared breakfast. After drinking some coffee to wake up, Dan informed us of the game plan for Friday morning, and then we headed out. Riding across the terrain in a comfortable Polaris, we spotted numerous does out feeding in the fields which was a great sign the deer were moving in the rain. We road down into the hardwoods, and spotted more does actively feeding. The terrain was steep and beautiful, and it made it quite an adventure coasting down some of these slopes. After a brief ride, we wound up on a steep ridge that had a beautifully, well crafted shooting house that we sat in and prepared ourselves for the morning hunt. As we stayed warm drinking coffee, we spent the majority of the morning glassing for bucks.

However, with the weather conditions picking up, wind included, nothing was moving. Dan was a pleasure to talk to during this time as he assured us something good would happen this afternoon. Boy was he right! At around lunch time, we decided to head back to the lodge, change, and head into town for an Amish meal. On the way out of the woods, we saw a massive 250? buck stand up out of a thicket to watch us. We also came across to young 10 pointers that stopped only long enough to give us a glimpse. There were many does spotted on the way out too. This gave us some excitement as to what the ranch was holding, so we knew it was going to be good if we got a break in the weather. Dan took us to this wonderful Amish restaurant where we were able to fill up on some down to earth home cooking. We ran some errands while we were in town since the weather was bad (which gave us a great opportunity to see the Amish community), and then we headed back to the lodge.

That afternoon Dan had taken a memory card to his office to see what bucks were hitting the feed in the field next to the cabin. Sure enough there were two bucks on the property, but were still coming back on late in the evenings to feed. These two bucks always traveled together, the question became, how do we ambush the bucks, where do we sit, and can we squeeze off two bullets at the same time. Dan used his intuition and willingness to think outside the box as to how we could pull of this feat. While Paul took it easy on the couch, I went outside and killed time shooting the target with my bow for practice. Meanwhile, Dan had fired up the bulldozer to clear shooting lanes up to the feeders. The growth was taller than all of us in that field, and the bulldozer was knocking it down quickly. Then Dan scouted around to see if he could set up of stands or ground blinds, which would not have worked. However, he did quickly see the old oil rigs in the back of the field and had us climb up on the rigs to see what kind of a shot we would have; the rigs were shielded by trees hanging over them which made for cover. It turned out to be the perfect spot. We went back in and ate Rays wonderful Burgers to give us some fuel before we headed out. After the three of us climbed to the top of the rigs, I sat flat on the ground to avoid the branches in front of me. Paul sat in a chair with a shooting stick, and Dan sat behind us with the camera, snack cakes, and bottled water, The first visitor to the feeder were a couple ground hogs, but we didn't shoot them because we were there for those beautiful deer. Only one hour and thirty minutes of sitting Paul whispered, "Here they come." We all three were being stared at on the approach, so we froze motionless for a few seconds, and then one decided to keep going. The other was still looking back. I used this time to get my rifle up on the deer, and Paul got his on the other deer after he turned. The plan was for a silent countdown so Paul whispered, "3, 2? "Stop!" "Stop!" I whispered.

Mine had just taken a step behind some branches. Dan assured us we could pull it off, "Paul you are on the right, Devon on the left." "Okay" I said because my deer moved another two steps out from behind the branch. Paul started again silently, "three," "two," "one," KABOOM!!! went one simultaneously loud shot from both guns. Both deer were hit, and turned back to run towards their bedding area. After slapping five to Dan for his ingenious plan, and ability to make things happen, we got down to go find the buck. Mine was found 20 yards away in thick stuff. However, PJ's was nowhere to be found. After combing the tall grasses for hours and replaying the video, we were confident he was shot, and it was going to come down to the right decision. When we found blood at the section of the fence he jumped over, we trailed him up the ridge. He was laying there and jumped up and ran down into a thick bottom. We decided because it was getting dark to lay off him overnight. So Paul was forced to sleep with the agony of potentially not finding his deer. The next morning Dan sent out 5 people to join our efforts and in a matter of 30 min. Paul had found his dead buck in a thicket.

What a hunt, I have never simultaneously shot a deer with someone, let alone, pull it off to sound like one shot. I had never seen a bulldozer used real quick to set up shooting lanes, and I had never sat on an old oil refinery to shoot a buck. All of this was concocted by Dan Yoder, and his drive to do some things differently so that he could help us accomplish our goals. He pulled this hunt off like I had never seen. Enjoy the video of it, because it was not scripted! We went back to South Carolina thoroughly impressed with the confidence that World Class Whitetails of Ohio had to get us those bucks. The plan was well thought out, the set up was outside the box thinking, and the whole hunt was innovative. Dan likes to be the best at everything he does, and now we know why. We definitely left World Class Whitetails with two huge bucks feeling like we had just hunted the top outfitter in Ohio. Special thanks to Dan, Ray, Dennis, Jess, and Reuben on a trip we will never forget.

God bless you all. Devon and Paul.


Dear Dan,

My name is Dennis McKinney, my son-in-law Josh Sullivan and I came to your lodge to hunt. It was the hunt of my life. I'm still talking about it. You people treated us better than alot of family members would. I got to spend some time with my son-in-law and seen bucks that I've never would of dreamed to see until I came to your place. You all have a beautiful place to hunt and the bucks you have is a hunters dream.

I really want to come back. I killed a 135 - 140 class whitetail 9 point. I was really pleased with my deer. I met alot of good people from other states and places in Ohio. Darring and his son (Justin) from Maryland, very nice and respectable people.

Your food and lodging was extremly nice Your guide service was great, your helping hand was a very very respectable guy, we helped him all we could, a real good man to know and never will be forgotten or will you. I seen bucks on your place that will haunt my memory for the rest of my life. I'm talking about, I'm a country boy from West Virginia, a coal hauler.

I work 7 days a week and it's worth it to come to World Class Whitetails of Ohio and get the hospitality you have to give people. My wife Tammy has never hunted before, but I will bring her tere for her first "big buck".

I will be back to bring my beautiful wife Tammy. Thank you all for making a dream come true and the best vacation I've ever had.

Dennis McKinney

From the Winner of our Handicapped Hunt

I would like to thank you once again for allowing me and Travis to come to your ranch and hunt. I could have not hunted in a better place to hunt and kill my first whitetail. This will be an experiance I will never forget. I hope that one day I can come back to your ranch to hunt again. I hope that all is well with you and your family. God Bless.

Ray Durossette

Dear Dan,
I would like to thank you for the great trip and learning experience of last week. My crew and I would like to learn much more from you in the future to make my property better. I enjoyed visiting the furniture store very much. The store has the finest quality of workmanship that I have ever seen under one roof. Visiting the Amish country and seeing the horse and wagons was a wonderful experience. I had previously seen them on television, but it was great seeing them in person.

We would like to get you up here in Maine in the spring or summer to show you what we have to offer up around here. Right now, we have three feet of snow on the ground.

We have been passing out your calendars and brochures to the Main Warden Services as well as my hunting buddies and friends. They are in disbelief of what you have been able to do. I am soon going to find out from my warden friends if I can do it here. They are very optimistic that this can be done here. Having their influence will be helpful for me.

If I had to make a complaint, it would be that we would have like more time with you learning from your vast knowledge. I will be in touch with you. I would like copies of your hunt. Also wondering when the hunt will be televised.
Thanks again for the wonderful trip and learning experience.

Dale Henderson

To World Class Whitetails of Ohio

I wanted to let you know that Adam and I had a great time in October on our deer hunt. I was there last year and this year you guys improved from the last time that I was there. The food was excellent!!!! As always Dan is a excellent guide and friend after you meet him for the first time. The deer was unbelievable of what the world class whitetails has to choose from. The guide Bud always keeps you laughing and motivated to get out there and the deer.

Thanks for the great time and great service that you gave me on this deer hunt!!!!

Joey Blake

Sorry I didn't get a chance to say thanks. I want you to know I have a very good time. I really didn't know what to expect on this hunt. I guess you never do when you try something different. Every hunt for me is not about the kill but it's about the experience that is gained. When that experience is positive then it is successful. When I booked with you I did have a goal that I wanted to achieve. I wanted a deer with still in velvet and unique. You provided me with exactly that. I couldn't be more satisfied. On the other side of the hunt I enjoyed getting to know you and the conversations we had. It's amazing when two people come together from opposite lifestyles and work together to achieve a common goal. It didn't take me long to realize that even though we were different we had things in common. I think that is what I enjoyed most about meeting you. I've got some good pictures I will send soon.

Thank you for a great time and you can expect to see me and my son next year.


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hunt and the effort to make this an experience of a lifetime. The evening hunt started with amazement and disbelief of what my eyes were seeing. The quantity and the quality (size) were beyond belief.

The deer of a lifetime came within bow range and the shot looked good but a little low. After not finding any blood or my arrow I started to get concerned. We looked till dark and decided to back out and leave it alone and you assured me not to worry that we would find it. After a night of no sleep I could not wait till the next morning.

After three hours of searching my heart was sinking by the minute, then music to me ears "there he is" and we made a circle around in front of him and a follow up shot was completed.

The rest is a memory that will be embedded for a lifetime. and a GREAT BUCK on my wall.

I have been blessed to be able to hunt all over the country and by far this is the best experience I have had in my 23 years of hunting.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts Dan and the staff of World Class Whitetails.

Steve Garrison

"Deer Hunting Is A Great Adventure!"

Hello again Dan,
Last time I wrote you was in August, 2006, I think, telling you how excited I was about getting ready to go after a 180"+ monster with you. After hunting with you in 2005 and harvesting my 171" B & C, I thought I was on top of the world. Little did I know what you had in store for me. When the 180"+ buck you had told me about when I booked did not look like what you thought he would be after the velvet came off, you went the extra mile and found me "a substitute that you thought might be acceptable", I believe is the way you worded it.

Well, when we saw the "substitute" and you said you though he would probably go 190" to 195", I was drooling, but afraid that he was out of my price range. You were very reasonable in the upgrade difference and I would have been a fool to turn it down
Wow!! Is an understatement! When my 21 pt non-typical scored 202 3/8 (green), I was almost speechless!

Well, Dan after two hunts in two years with a 171 and a 202, plus I videoed the guy who shared the lodge with me when he got a 217" 22 point monster! With these credentials, no one should have any problem calling me concerning references for you. After as many people that have bought hunts with you after talking to me, I should start selling and booking hunts for you. Have them call me at 804 427 6464.
Thanks again for everything Dan!
Your friend,

Rick V. Lewis Sr.

Dear World Class Whitetails of Ohio:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Rubin for the experience of a lifetime you have given to our family. With the fast paced life of living in the city, your sincere hospitality has shown us that it is important to take time with family, enjoy the pleasures of nature. You both went out of your way to ensure happiness without the feeling of pressure. Your staff was also very accommodating. Your buck huns are clearly a lifetime experience with a lifetime of memories and will be highly recommended to others. Feel free to use our family as a reference. Again, thank you for your time, hospitality, gratitude and mostly, the memories.

Gary Teske & Family

Hi World Class Whitetails of Ohio,
It has been a couple months now since my trip and I still find myself daydreaming about the great weekend of hunting and hospitality I enjoyed on my visit to Ohio. I want to once again thank you and Azure for not only making me feel at home but also letting me experience the incredible thrill of hunting the monster bucks of Ohio.

I didn't have a helping hand during my search for a great whitetail adventure and it was a frustrating time for me. I would like to offer some helpful advice to anyone out there right now going through the same worries and doubts that I did during my research. Most importantly, you are in the right place. You will not find a better combination of pricing, monster bucks, hospitality and adventure anywhere, trust me I looked. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and comfortable the lodge is, you will feel right at home. The whole crew at the lodge is top notch and provide everything you need, all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself. That stuff was important to me but of course the main attraction is the incredible bucks roaming the land. I have hunted for 20 years and never saw anything like it in my life, not even close. The bucks are truly unbelievable. I found the buck of my dreams on the 2 nd day and putting my hands on him capped off a weekend of hunting I could never have imagined before. What started off as a 4 hour road trip to uncertainty ended up as a weekend I will never forget. World Class Whitetails of Ohio was a great guide, a gracious host, and a lot of fun to be around.

My taxidermist has been in business for 33 years and the only think he could say when he saw my buck was "Wow". He has since asked my permission to take my mount with him on a few traveling shows. What a great experience on many levels. Good luck in your pursuit of your trophy. The search is half over if you've found your way to World Class Whitetails of Ohio.

Thanks again World Class Whitetails of Ohio


Hello World Class Whitetails of Ohio!
Finally had time to sit down and try yo put my thoughts into words. Just wanted to say thanks again for the great hunt and all the time and effort you put in to help make my hunt, a true hunt of a lifetime. I can't think of another hunt I have ever been on that comes close to the comparing to this one. Every other booked hunt I have taken didn't quite turn out as portrayed by the outfitters. After talking to you and Azure, I decided to book a hunt; it turned out to be my best hunting decision. Harvesting a 217 B&C buck was something I had only dreamed about. World Class Whitetails of Ohio, you truely have a first class operation, with a multitude of great bucks. I an enclosing one of my better pictures for you to you as you wish. Hope to be able to book another hunt in 2007.

Mike Kahl

World Class Whitetails of Ohio,

I just wanted to send you a letter to let you know how much we enjoyed our hunts. Let me first say, I was never a fan of preserve hunting, but I think you have to try something before you put it down. Mr Yoder's farm isn't like a preserve. On his farm you can hunt from a blind, still hunt or make deer drives. On our first hunt I took a 21 3/4 inch 8 point with heavy horns. My boss took a 13 point non-typical and my friend took a 10 point. As soon as I got home I talked to my wife and I decided to book another hunt. There are a lot of quality deer on this farm. Their prices are very reasonable. On our second hunt, Alan took a 157 inch pointer, 19 3/4 inch spread, and I took a huge 172 inch 10 pointer. It was the biggest deer I have ever taken. There are bigger deer on the farm. I want to tell everyone we are construction workers, you don't have to be rich to hunt at Honey Run Farms. In closing I would like to say I had the best hunting experience of my life. My wife had a great time and my friends also. World Class Whitetails of Ohio is the nicest and most patient man I have ever met.

Kevin Weatherholt

World Class Whitetails of Ohio was the nicest guy I've ever met. He was so funny I wanted to say thank you for my hunt of a lifetime. I shot a very nice deer and took a very heavy horned 7 pointer. The farmsted was a great place. The first morning we were there we seen more deer that we ever see before. I never hunted like this before and I love it now and I am going again in 2006. I told all of my friends about it and they are thinking they would like it to, once again thank you World Class Whitetails of Ohio.

Mark Stoudt, Jr.

Hey World Class Whitetails of Ohio,
I think this guy bid and won an ebay hunt with you after he contacted me. I sent him pics and my "usual head cheerleading speech" about your hunt. So add him to the list if you haven't. I'm working on getting a guy from down here who is a friend of my next door neighbor to contact you about a hunt.He's suppose to be a "big hunter".

It was really great to hear from you the other night!! I really appreciated your taking the time to call me. It meant a lot to me. I am so excited about getting the opportunity to get a 180 class with you. Thanks so much for your thoughfulness in taking care of me!! I'm dreaming about taking one of your wide 180 class monsters, hopefully close to typical . I can hardly wait!!!!!!!
When do you think they will be in hard antler? I probably want to plan on getting there earlier than I did last year. Maybe October. I quess they are staring to grow their racks now and are still pretty knobby in velvet, huh?

It really is a pleasure being able to give references for you and your operation. So don't hesitate to keep having people call me. Its fun when one has so much to tell people about their experience. Your operation really is the exception to what so many operations want or try to say they have. There is a lot of skepticism due to so many people getting taken advantage of and the guide/outfitter/operator passing it off as "that's hunting". Again, thanks so much World Class Whitetails of Ohio! I'll try to give you a call later on and talk some more about deer.


World Class Whitetails of Ohio,

I wanted to write and thank you for providing the hunt of a lifetime for my son. It was not only because of the buck, but also the hospitality and friendship that was shown. Seeing my son bag a trophy buck was certainly a highlight of a lifetime. We will both have that memory to cherish and I thank you for that.

I would recommend any father taking their son on a hunt with you. It was a quality hunt, with the right atmosphere for a family trip. I appreciated that. If I can ever be of service as a reference, please feel free to contact me. Again, I want to sincerely thank you from Derek and me for the opportunity to hunt and bag such a magnificent animal, and for the experience of a lifetime.

Winston Meade

I've been on some hunts, one in particular that made me a little skeptical lets just say of going on a guided hunt, and I was leery, but I tell you what, World Class Whitetails, there's nothing to be leery or skeptical on this place. The guides take you out personally, they find what you're looking for, and it's the real deal. There's no BS, I'm living proof, this buck is too! Definitely a World Class place for anyone to come hunt.

Sophia from Louisiana

I still can't believe this, I've waited all my life to hold a deer like this and we got it done in Ohio at World Class Whitetails of Ohio. You're not going anywhere in the United States and find deer of this caliber. We drove 11 hours and it was worth every minute.

Heath from Alabama

You can hunt all over the United States and you'll never get the kind of quality you get at World Class Whitetails, it's unbelievable! Couldn't ask for a better hunt. I've hunted with outfitters all over the United States none of them have been able to deliver a buck like this. Unbelievable genetics and quality. World Class Whitetails of Ohio is the place to be.

Mike from Alabama

9 Hour trip from Tennessee, worth every hour of the trip. I brought my entire family with me. My son hunter is ruined, he won't shoot the tiny deer at home anymore, we'll be back every year to bag the big one. Couldn't ask for a better hunt, I've been treated great here, this is the best place I've hunted, I couldn't be any happier.

Jerry from Tennessee

This is the biggest deer of my life! By far!! This is just unbelievable! Fireplace, I've finally got something for you! This is my dream deer. For those of you on the fence, this place has 50% typical and 50% non typical. There's something for everyone. World Class Whitetails of Ohio has it all day every day. This is the prettiest land you've ever been on, its just an awesome place.

Tom from Alabama

This deer is a monster!! 28 Points!

Danny from Texas

240"+ I couldn't be happier!

Mark from WI

Sat in the blind for a couple of hours, I knew I had to have him and here he is!

Robin from Ohio

My adrenaline is kicking!

Robin's Son

We found a magnificent trophy at WCW one of the nicest deer we've ever seen, very exciting hunt, we really appreciate Dan giving us such a nice hunt.


This is the biggest buck I've ever taken, this is unbelievable! That's a world class deer right here! This is what the Arkansas boys do!! You should see these things this is unreal! There's horns everywhere!!

Oscar's group

Biggest buck I've ever seen in my life, couldn't ask for a better hunt!


I've never shot anything this big, he's huge!!! I'm still shaking, this is so exciting!


I saw this deer after sitting in a blind for 3 hours, I knew this was the one I had to have, took some time to get a shot, so worth it!


I've never seen so many points in all my life!!! I'm from the coast of Texas and have never seen deer like this!


Hunted a lot of different place, several outfitters, on the morning hunt saw 5-6 bucks 230" + , hunted hard this afternoon and got a great shot! Thanks to Dan and everyone at World Class Whitetails of Ohio, Thanks for a great hunt! Dan worked with my schedule being a surgeon, what a great hunt, what a great deer and what a great time, thank you again!


Drove 16 hours from Mississippi to World Class Whitetails and on the last afternoon of the hunt we finally got this beautiful buck! I think I'm booking next year and you'll have a customer until I"m too old to hunt!


Look at these points, I thought Texas had big deer but you have to come to Ohio!!! I wasn't leaving until I got this buck! It took all 3 days and finally got it!They deliver as promised, good folks, great lodging and exceptional deer. I've been hunting all over the country for a deer of this magnitude. I've entered a buck contests and we're estimating this buck to go 300-340"+


Look at the mass, I can't even get my hands around it. Finally got King Double Drop, he's been fighting, broke off a drop. We put the hammer on him, a dandy of a buck! All around great buck! Thank you Dan for inviting us out to Ohio and putting us on this buck! Didn't know they had deer of this quality in Ohio! I've been looking for a whitetail like this my whole life! Talk about a guarantee!


We drove 17 hours to come up last evening. Saw 50-60 beautiful bucks this morning, came out this afternoon and spotted this buck! Finally closed the deal!


I'm still shaking!!


This has been an experience of a lifetime!


If it's not here, you wont find it anywhere in the country! We've never had an experience like this! Give me a call 225-654-9066 and come up with me! Best hunt I've ever been on! Other places, I go on a hunt I get in my truck and go home, but now, there's friendships and relationships that you don't want to leave!


This is more than I ever imagined, certainly a buck of a lifetime. All the way from New Hampshire and it was definitely worth the drive out. I will be back next year with some buddies, if you want to join us call me at 603-529-6058


I've hunted all over Texas and thought they had big bucks, nothing like here in Ohio


This is why I love World Class Whitetails of Ohio you just can't experience this anywhere else







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