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Welcome to World Class Whitetails of Ohio. Not sure what we are? The questions and answers below have been put together to help you out.

What is a hunting preserve / ranch / deer farm?

A hunting ranch is a private establishment dedicated to providing top quality whitetail hunts on private property usually a guided whitetail hunt. Most hunting preserves / hunting ranches also have extensive breeding programs, to ensure quality.

Are the hunts fair and challenging on the hunting preserve / deer farm?

Yes! The size of our hunting ranch allows for all hunts to be challenging and exciting. You will find that you actually do have to hunt here just like you would hunt anyplace else Even a guided whitetail hunt requires extensive work and patience.

What is the difference between fair chase and your deer hunting preserve?

There are only very slight differences between fair chase and high fence hunting. Yes, it is an enclosed area, but an area that covers hundreds of acres. If the whitetail run, they can easily get away just like in the wild. We have had hunters who have spent days hunting, and never see the same buck again. A guided whitetail hunt isn't any different than going hunting with a more experienced hunting pal.

Hello from the staff at World Class Whitetails of Ohio Ltd, your top hunting ranch / hunting preserve. .If you're searching for the whitetail deer hunting experience of your dreams, you've come to the right place.World Class Whitetails of Ohio Ltd hunting ranch / preserve. has been in the whitetail deer hunting business for eight years now and in the breeding business for over a decade. With the combined knowledge of our owners and guides, we have the tools to help you find the buck you've been dreaming about!

We're going to do things a little differently this year. Please see the whitetail deer hunting schedule, listed on the left side menu for a current guided whitetail hunt. Just click the Hunts Available button and find all the information you need. Just a heads up, we are filling up quickly and these hunts are strictly limited to 6 per hunt. We will only be taking about 60 bucks this year, this number is significantly less than previous years. This will make your need to book early even more important than ever. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for each hunter.

All lodging, meals, guide services (tips are appreciated), and licensing are included in the cost of your hunt. All hunts are 3 day, 2 night hunts unless otherwise specified. We offer a very family oriented environment and many hunters choose to bring along their families. There are several hotels and B & B's within just a couple of miles for your extended families to stay.

This is guaranteed whitetail hunting, if you don't shoot, you pay nothing more than your deposit for lodging and services. Many hunters pay these prices for a hunt and go home with nothing. We'll help you find the buck you've been searching for. This year we look to have several whitetail deer in the 260" range.

Thank you to all hunters who have made World Class Whitetails of Ohio hunting ranch / deer hunting preserve a successful place for many to find their dreams, we hope to see you back this fall. To those who haven't hunted with us, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone to book your hunt today!

4 Tips to remember when selecting a hunting ranch / deer farm for your guided whitetail hunt

  1. Safety Record - One of the most important considerations is choosing a hunting ranch / preserve with a solid safety record. We hold safety to the highest standards which is evident by our clean safety record.
  2. Personal Preference - It is also important that you choose a hunting ranch that meets your needs. For instance, if couples were going on the trip and only the men are going whitetail hunting, then finding a ranch that offers other activities and a comfortable environment for non-hunters would be essential. The hunting ranch / preserve should be well-organized and set up to provide you and everyone in your group with everything needed. We meet this an beyond by ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable experience wether they are hunting or not.
  3. Services - The hunting preserve should also provide the type and level of services you find most important. As an example, if you prefer to guided whitetail hunt, then you want a deer hunting ranch that offers guided whitetail hunting. If you prefer to stay in a cabin near the designated hunt site, then it would be important to find a ranch that can offer that type of accommodation as well as food. Our hunting ranch far exceeds the standards on service. We provide a lodge on side and meals during your stay. Our top notch guides will be sure to find you the buck of your dreams.
  4. Price - Probably one of the most important considerations when selecting a hunting ranch with today's economy is price. For this reason, we have done the numbers and have numerouse specials and savings.

2017 Ohio Hunting Season is BOOKING FAST don't miss your guided whitetail hunt at our deer farm!!!

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