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Hunting Information

Elaine G. Cox

Wow! What a surprise! (THANK you, Frank!!) We had a very memorable experience! Owen and Rich went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and show us a great time (in COLD weather)! We cannot say enough good things about Rich as a Man of Faith, a family man, a great story teller, and a terrific hunt guide! We are very satisfied with the deer and looking forward to Lee at Killbuck?, Ohio doing a fantastic job on a full head mount! The hoofs are outstanding so he is also doing a straight mount on the fronts! Rich did the skinning and deboned the meat in record time! Let’s just say he has a process! We are looking forward to having sausage, burgers, and steaks in the freezer soon! Thanks again for an experience I am bound to remember often and a story to share with friends and family! Frank (Tadpole) is beyond excited about his upcoming November rut hunt! He is going to have a few months to look at the 311” score, approximately 275 lbs, 35 points -HIGH FIVE buck his wife harvested before he has his turn! Thanks again World Class Hunting Ranch LLC’s ???


Matt from Texas

Owen, I can’t tell you how much me and my dad enjoyed coming out to hunt with you and Rich. The town was great, food was amazing and you guys where first class!! I loved it so much that me and Brandi have booked a stay for New Years this year. I just had to bring my wife to see the area. Thanks again for a fantastic trip!



Thanks a million for a great experience for my Brother Brian and I…The lodging was fantastic and the hunt and time together was just what we both needed after our Father’s passing…the decompression was dearly needed.

Thanks again”
Brad and Brian

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