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Whats happening around the ranch 10/01/12

Check out what has been happening around the ranch!


I would like to apologize smile.gif

Last week I started an auction and it was supposed to end on Thursday. People were looking for updates which never came. My email system went down and never came back up until Friday. I am sorry for the inconvenience! I will start a auction for this week tomorrow morning! Keep your eyes open for that! smile.gif

What has been going on on the ranch this weekend !!!

We have had a very busy weekend here at World Class Whitetails of Ohio!
The weekend hunt had 4 women hunters, 3 with a bow and 1 with a rifle. Thursday morning the hunters had taken a buck and a doe by 10 am and were searching for 4 more bucks!
The family of 5 from Ohio had a challenging but rewarding hunt! Congratulations to the Alabama family on their hunt!
On Saturday morning Craig and Debbie came up on a mean 60 pointer that he took with a rifle!
This morning Debbie is looking for yet another buck!
The 3 Ohio guys took a nice 12 pointer and a nice 22 pointer before noon smile.gif Good luck to Darren who has not gotten his buck yet!
The hunters just came in for cold cuts and are headed back out to find the 25 point buck they got a mere glimpse of early this morning!
Look forward to the new photo’s of these hunts coming tomorrow from our professional photographer smile.gif

Hunters Testimonial

Dear Dan,

I want you to know how much I appreciate your having me as a guest hunter this past weekend, especially on such short notice. Wow, what an awesome hunt! I have been big game hunting for decades, and whitetail hunting for nearly 40 years. I saw more mature whitetail bucks in less than a day at your ranch than the combined sum of all of my whitetail hunting experiences to date! Too often outfitters give names to their businesses that are not fitting, or are even misleading. Not so in your case. I cannot think of a more appropriate description than World Class Whitetails of Ohio Ranch. You offer tremendous animals at a reasonable price. It was so amazing to see quality trophy bucks throughout the property . . . . talk about an adrenaline rush! For a truly enthusiastic big game hunter, this experience cannot be beat, and you can count on me booking a hunt at your fine Ranch each year that you continue to operate it the same way. I just left 48 hours ago and already I have a friend interested in coming back with me this season, and I have booked next year when I plan to bring my 3 sons to join me! Next year will not get here soon enough!


Nicki Yates 330-763-3301
World Class Whitetails of Ohio, Ltd.

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As U Know The Rut Is In Full Swing

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