Q1: What happens to my deposit if I can not make my scheduled hunt this year?

Our Hunts require either a $500 or $1,000 Deposit to secure a Hunt. If your booked date doesn’t work out as scheduled. You can reschedule for later in the season, or for the following season. Deposits are Non refundable.

Q2: Can I drive my car without 4-wheel drive?

Yes, if snow isn’t too deep (normally, not more than 2″ to 3″).

Q3: Where are you located ? hours south of Akron, OH.

We are located about 2 hours north of Columbus, OH; about 1.5 hours south of Akron, OH.

Q4: What type of weapon can I bring for my hunt?

You can bring a shotgun, rifle, bow, crossbow, or muzzleloader.

Q5: Do I need a hunting permit?

We furnish all permits necessary.

Q6: Do I need to wear orange?

No, but Camo is recommended

Q7: How many whitetail will we see?

On average we see 15 to 30 bucks per day.

Q8: Do I have to sign any forms?

Yes, you will be asked to sign a liability release form.

Q9: Can I bring my wife if she doesn’t hunt?

Yes, there is no extra charge for your spouse, if additional people are coming. Non hunters, the cost is $100.00 per day.

Q10: Can I shoot a second buck on the same day?


Q11. What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Company Checks, Cashiers Check, Money Orders, Credit or Debit. Note: 3% will be added to all Card transactions.

Q12. What if I want to shoot a bigger buck than what I booked?

Your Guide will know what bucks are available, and will know the pricing if you would like to upgrade. Upgrades will also be paid in Cash, Credit or Debit. Note: 3% will be added to all Card transactions.

Q13. Do you offer Taxidermy or meat processing?

We have a local Taxidermist that has won awards with his work, he requires $100 down, and has approx. 6 to 8 months turn around time. We debone the meat for you now at no extra charge! As Ohio Law now requires meat to be deboned to take out of state. And we also have a local processor that will process and ship your meat if you so desire.

Q14. Can we be picked up at the airport?

Yes, however a fee may apply. Ask your agent at time of booking. Akron- Canton, (1 hr)and Columbus(2hr) are the closest Regional Airports.

Q15. Is it expected we tip the Guide?

Yes, it is expected that you tip your guide.

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