Cody, Chris, Carson and Jr from Alabama are on the ranch!

Stay tuned for updates as these hunters go out for their hunts at World Class Whitetails of Ohio!


Day 1: Getting ready for an evening hunt.

Hunting over corn.


Cody just got his deer, another monster whitetail scoring at about a 175 class!


Day 2: Carson took a very unique whitetail at 1:45pm today.


4:00pm – Chris took his awesome whitetail in the creek bottoms on the last day with his dad. Estimate score is a 260 class.


Supper after a hard days hunt.


Sharing stories around the fire.


Hunter’s Share their Experience

“Thank you Dan once again for everything. The hospitality was awesome. This was my first time on a hunt like this and it was everything I expected and more. World Class Whitetails of Ohio showed me a good time and I saw more deer than I ever expected. I will definitely be coming back next year for another hunt with the Bama Boys! Thanks again Dan!”

“Dan, let me first stary by saying thank you for your hospitality and experiences that we had at World Class Whitetails of Ohio! We were able to take 3 awesome trophy whitetails which were personal bests for all of us. We look forward to booking next year with hopes of topping the charts again. The quality of animals at WCWOhio are like none other. Thanks again!” – Chris

“Great job on website. Dan once again just wanted to thank you. Chris and I have traveled all over the country hunting whitetail together. We have memories that will last a lifetime. But I can truly say that the memories and trophies we have from World Class Whitetails of Ohio are at the top of our list. The experience we had here was incredible. We saw more deer, larger bucks, and better quality of animals at WCWOhio. Thank you for sharing this with us and we look forward to returning next year. Be ready, the Bama Boys are bringing bows! Thanks again.” – Carson

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