A little more perspective on Ed’s deer from last week… 390-3/4″

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Tommy said he decided to give us a try after he visited our website numerous times, and after he called and talked with Owen he decided he would book the trip. He said; “My hunting buddies weren’t quite ready to go along this year, so I decided to come alone, but will definitely be bringing my son, and after my buddies see the pictures, and hear my story, I am sure they will join me next year. This hunt was way more than I expected!
Great accommodations, great deer, great food, and certainly a great guide! Rich did an awesome job out on the ranch! We had some mostly typical bucks I was looking at as well, and Rich just left it up to me. I had a great time, and harvested a great 230″ buck”
-Tommy from SC
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Owen tried to count the points on the rack, and came up with around 35 points, and you talk about a heavy set of antlers!
Thanks for the nice comments Tommy!
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