Guided Whitetail Hunts: All You Need to Know

Nowadays, guided whitetail hunts are the best way of tracking these beautiful animals. Whitetail outfitters can provide you with everything you need, exponentially improving the hunting experience.

Thousands and thousands of people engage in this activity each year. Even if you don’t catch anything, you will always have a nice story to tell.

The experience by itself is worth it. But, although you don’t need a trophy to justify going on a guided hunt, it is still much better if you catch something.

Like with everything else, the proper preparation is the key. If you do everything in advance, you increase your odds of scoring a whitetail deer.

Here are some of the best tips that will help you prepare for your next guided whitetail hunts!

Clothes are crucial for guided whitetail hunts

You wouldn’t believe how often a hunt is ruined due to a lack of clothes. Inexperienced hunters trust weather forecasts; some of them believe that excessive clothing is unnecessary.

As a result, they can easily get soaked or cold. This would interfere with the guided whitetail hunt, even forcing them to go back.

In certain parts of the US (especially the northern states), the temperature can change drastically during the day. The weather changes can be so extreme that they can impose extra stress on your body.

Having a good layering system is crucial as it would allow you to be comfortable and not having to think about anything else besides the hunt.

You will also need scent control clothing. These clothes may not be as important for fawns and younger whitetails, but it is definitely crucial for adult deer. Experienced whitetails will run as soon as they sense your smell in the wind. By having proper clothing, you can prevent this.

When talking about clothing and weather conditions, you should always be ready for rain. If its autumn, winter, or spring, rain is very common in mountainous areas and, in particular, northern states.

Keep in mind that you will also need a treestand umbrella if you wish to hunt from a treestand. Comfort can be very important, especially if you’re forced to stay in one place for longer periods of time.

Be at your best

Some hunters are extremely selective when going for whitetails. They are prepared to avoid a lot of deer just so they can have a premium trophy. Whether you’re one of these guys or an inexperienced hunter, you need to be as sharp as possible.

Hard-sided cases are very good for those who are flying to outfitters. Make sure that your weapon is completely protected so that it doesn’t get damaged during the transport.

Needless to say, the same thing applies if you’re driving on rough roads, which is always the case when going to the hunting grounds. Even with a good case, there is still a chance your weapon will suffer damage, so make sure to check its condition once you arrive.

Ammunition is also an important point. Having more ammunition may seem unnecessary, but keep in mind that you would have to shoot a few rounds before starting a hunt.

Having ammo of the same brand and weight will save you a lot of headaches. Most hunting grounds have their own target ranges.

Still, some hunters prefer taking portable targets with them. If you wish to avoid carrying too much stuff, you can ask your outfitter if they have a proper range.

If they don’t, make sure to bring a target. This would allow you to pop a few shots before heading out.

Taking a stand

Having a stand is another thing that you should at least consider. Like with most other things, a good outfitter should have several stands on site.

But like with targets, it’s one of these things you will need to ask about before heading out. A lot of hunters prefer having a mobile stand (whether they take it from an outfitter or they carry their own), so they can move about the range without having to be static. This is especially important if your trophy buck is moving a lot around the range.

A proper climbing stand will help you get into a position without causing too much ruckus. There are a lot of products of this type on the market, and regardless of your needs, you can definitely find something that suits you.

Always make sure to ask an outfitter if you can bring your own stand before employing it.

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Having a grunt tube

Grunt tube is another tool that you need to add to your arsenal. It can be crucial during the whitetail rut.

Just a few grunts can help you attract a deer so you can take it out. Keep in mind that rattling antlers can also help in these situations.

A lot depends on your position during the rut. Keep in mind that some outfitters don’t like this, so make sure to ask them in advance before using them.

Creating a list is not silly

A lot of guys don’t make lists. To some of us, making a list might seem silly. But, preparing for guided whitetail hunts can be a complex process.

You will need a lot of different equipment, and it is easy to forget something. Instead of having regrets, it is much better to make a list and pack according to it.

Having some additional items can always come in handy. Forgetting an important piece of equipment can totally ruin your experience, and it might even force you to abandon the guided hunt much sooner than expected.

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