Ohio Whitetail Trophy Bucks

Few states can rival Ohio when it comes to buck hunting. Ohio is mentioned in these lists but rarely given legendary status. In recent years, the number of whitetail monsters in the state has grown dramatically. As a result, more hunters are learning about the qualities of top-end bucks. You can now see gagger-sized bucks on the walls of hunting-focused outlets.

While there are several different types of Ohio whitetail trophy bucks, some of the most famous include the Bradley S. Jerman’s 201-1/8-inch typical buck. Jerman’s buck ranked first in Ohio and is now number twelve all-time. Other top-notch bucks include the David G. Kopp’s 258-1/8-inch non-typical buck from Stark County. This buck is #8 on the state list and ranks 63rd All-time. In 2019, Kopp’s buck was featured in the 30th Big Game Awards.

If you are looking for an exceptional Ohio deer hunt, look no further than Holmes and Coshocton County. These two counties have some of the state’s top buck hunting spots. These are both excellent places to hunt trophy bucks in the state. Despite their relatively small population, both counties offer a variety of hunting opportunities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, you’ll be sure to find the right hunting location.

For the best chances of getting a big trophy buck, choose an area with good habitat. Bucks in Ohio prefer moist, rocky, and wooded environments, so hunting in Ohio will yield impressive results. The most popular deer hunting areas in Ohio are the southwestern part of the state, where the Amish Buck and Metzner Buck were shot. Whether you prefer hunting with a gun or a bow, Ohio has what it takes to provide an excellent trophy buck hunt.

In recent years, there have been a number of state records broken. Ohio is up to #5 with 1,049 entries. All of the typical records in the top ten, as well as six non-typical state records, were tagged in the 2000s. This demonstrates that the current management has helped the state produce consistently large bucks. It is certainly a great time to be a whitetail hunter! Take advantage of the Ohio Whitetail Trophy Bucks and make a great trophy hunt in Ohio!

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