Can You Ship Animals You’ve Hunted?

When transporting your harvested animal, ensure it is in a properly sealed container. If possible, pack it in ice. The animal should be skinned and quartered. It should not be placed in a vehicle hood or in the trunk. It must be transported from the hunting area to a licensed meat processing facility. You should not display your harvested animal in public, especially if it is a large animal.

In some states, transportation provisions have been written into the regulations for hunters. For example, in New Jersey, hunters are required to wash out the blood and gore before transporting their game. They must also position the field-dressed side of the animal facing the vehicle and push the tongue back into the mouth.

If you’ve killed a large animal and want to ship its meat home, you should consider using a meat shipping service. It can be expensive, but you’ll receive your meat safely. Moreover, the meat processor will know the best way to pack it properly and send it home.

Alaska Airlines has a dedicated service for shipping big game trophies. They provide special boxes to protect your trophy from damage, which is essential for safe transportation. The cost of the boxes varies depending on the size of the animal and the airline. You must package the antlers carefully to meet airline requirements. Moreover, you must separate the antlers from any meat and capes, as moisture inside the package may cause problems.

Hunting is a fun and rewarding experience. Ensure you have a hunting license and transportation permit before transporting your animal. You must also tag the animal at the check-in station. When you’re finished, you may return to the woods or even go straight to the meat processors.

Alaska Airlines is still one of the few airlines that offer shipping services for hunters. In fact, many hunts in the bush require Alaska Airlines flights. The airline also offers transportation of the hunters’ gear. In the past, any luggage you had would have been shipped to the hunting ground.

If you’ve hunted a large animal, you may not have to worry about its safety. Many outfitters will transport your game back to your home. However, there are special rules that apply when it comes to transporting the game to your home. In addition, you need to be sure to get a hunting license if you want to take home the meat and trophy.

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