Trophy Whitetail Hunting in Ohio

Ohio is an excellent location for trophy whitetail hunting. Bucks are plentiful in the state, and Ohio has a history of producing outstanding P&Y bucks. In early November 2000, Mike Beatty took a record-breaking non-typical buck with a vertical bow in Greene County. The buck measured 14 points and 198 3/8 inches. It was the largest non-typical harvested by a vertical bow in the world.

Ohio has some of the biggest whitetails in the country, and the state’s management program helps keep the deer herd in balance. Bucks can be harvested multiple times in a season, and hunters can harvest up to one antlered buck per year. The deer in Ohio grow in an ideal habitat with fertile soils.

Ohio whitetail hunting is a challenge that requires the right kind of preparation. Fortunately, there are professional guides in the state that can help you take a trophy buck. World Class Hunting Ranches of Ohio, for example, offers guided hunts that focus on whitetails. It’s a family atmosphere with a professional guide.

Regardless of your level of experience, Ohio has a great deer hunting scene. There are over six thousand acres of prime whitetail habitat, food plots, and other factors that create the perfect hunting environment. This environment helps hunters consistently harvest trophy class whitetails. Ohio has the right terrain, habitat, crops, and genetics to produce trophy bucks. The only downside is that Ohio’s gun season is extremely short and only allows shotguns. If you plan to hunt in Ohio, be sure to purchase a non-resident hunting license, which costs $149.

Ohio’s whitetail hunting opportunities are second to none. With lush farmlands and rolling hills, this state is the ideal habitat for trophy-quality whitetails. With a four-month hunting season, the chance to take a trophy is very high. If you’re planning a trip to Ohio, World Class Hunting Ranches of Ohio is the place to go. They are also one of the best Ohio whitetail hunting outfitters.

There are several types of deer hunting in Ohio. The state’s deer hunting season is one of the most flexible in the country. Archery season begins September 27 and ends February 1. Crossbows and Sunday hunting are also permitted during this time, and Ohio’s deer gun season is November 27-December 15. There is a youth deer gun season before the regular one.

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