When Are Whitetail Deer Most Active?

If you hunt for whitetail deer, you need to be aware of the weather conditions. The weather is a major factor in determining when the deer are most active. High barometric pressure causes deer to move more, while low barometric pressure causes them to move less. A typical barometric pressure is around 30 in-Hg. In addition to being a factor in the timing of their activity, barometric pressure can also tell you whether bad weather is approaching.

If the weather is clear, the best time to hunt is early in the morning. The deer will be hungry, and they will be easier to track when they are looking for food. However, do not hunt late into the night. This can cause a loss of visibility and may spook deer that are sleeping. Also, remember that all 50 states have laws against night hunting. Also, you may not be able to hunt in the rain, as the deer will seek shelter.

Winter is a time of year when deer concentrate on food. They need every last calorie to survive the cold weather, so they gather in large groups near food sources and sleep close to them. The best tactic is to hunt over or close to the feeding areas. If you’re lucky, you’ll be rewarded with a shot.

The moon phases also influence the movements of the deer. The darkest phases of the moon decrease visibility and the deer move less during the night. As a result, deer move more during the day. Although the moon isn’t the most important factor in their movement, it does influence when they move.

When are whitetail deer most active? The best time to hunt for deer is between dawn and dusk. During this time, deer are often most active and hungry. A lot of hunters spend hours in a tree stand waiting to catch a deer. But most hunters prefer to hunt when the deer are moving.

Rain is another factor that affects their behavior. After a thunderstorm, deer tend to move toward food sources and bedding areas. If rain is not too heavy, they may choose to hide in their preferred bedding areas. The rain can even affect their ability to hear. So, in rainy weather, hunting deer isn’t the most effective option.

During the rut, bucks will move the most during dawn and dusk. These are prime times to hunt deer as the bucks are closely following the does. If you want to be out and about during this time period, you should avoid late season, when temperatures are higher and deer will be more focused on food.

The time to hunt deer depends on the type of food they prefer. For example, if you hunt whitetail deer in an area where the acorns fall, you should wait until the fall. This is when they start dropping their mast.

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